Artist Statement

I make paintings that draw from the languages of cartoons, gestural abstraction and childlike figuration. The paintings are places where contradictory ideas about what is inside and what is outside are let loose.

Cartoon teeth and smiling mouths open and close, eat and speak and block entry to insides that disregard stable boundaries. Eyes conceal, reveal and threaten. Stars illuminate but also blind. Rainbows shelter and radiate a possibly misguided optimism. Humor is mixed with pathos.

The works are loosely painted, held together with the rhythm and balance of a drunken sailor. They teeter on the brink of collapse: clashing styles, alternating speeds, bright colors lie underneath and/or on top of murky ones, abstract shapes emerge suddenly as recognizable to allow unexpected associations and open ended narratives.

Although painting is a solitary activity, paradoxically, it makes me feel connected to the world, to the outside and to others.  I want to make something to share. I hope my paintings are engaging, fun to look at and give pleasure.

Karin Campbell is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. She has had her work shown at PS1 MoMA, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and the Queens Museum.